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Swap numbers between phones on my account.

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Swap numbers between phones on my account.

I added a line & device last week and had my number put onto the new device and the new number assigned to the old device.  I need to swap the numbers so that the new number is with the new device.  Can I do that without going into a store?


When I try to activate is says on top of the screen,

Device has pending upgrade for another line.







Hey! Did you upgrade one of your devices & now you're trying to activate the device? 


When I received my new 2 iPhones, the phone numbers assigned to the devices were the wrong numbers in my account; so the system would not allowed me to register the new phones to other than the numbers pre assigned.

In order to resolve the situation and register my new iPhones to the correct numbers here is what I did.


- Follow the new activation process and activate the new phone to the number assigned 

- Once the new phone is activated, lets deactivate it to reactivate the old phone back

- Go to activate on device selection, select the same new phone just activated

- Enter the EMEI from the old phone and click on the blue arrow, the device image will show below

- Select the old device

- Now you will see an image for both devices

- Select Activate at the bottom of the page wait for a few minutes

Now your new phone is free to be activated with any number with in your plan.





You got them activate then? 


Can you help me with swapping phones between numbers on my account?


I need to do the same thing! I have 2 iPhones on my account and I need to change the phone numbers on them. 

Example: My iPhone 7 phone number needs to be on my iPhone XR


Can someone assist me with this, please? Both phones bought through Sprint and on the same account. 


Thank you!


Hi there! Sure thing 😄. I'd be happy to help. Send me a private message with the account holder's first & last name along with yours if it's different. I'd also need the Sprint phone number & security PIN/answer to access the account.


Okay, allow me a moment.


it’s actually my iphone 11 number needs to be on the XR, and vice versa. (i don’t have an iphone 7)
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