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UICC Unlock


UICC Unlock

Hi There,


I have been trying to unlock my phone for over a YEAR now! I have been calling Sprint atleast 12 times now.


I have a Galaxy S7, which is fully paid. Every time i call customer service, they keep telling me that the phone is unlocked and when i put in another sim card (unfortunely when i have already left the country), it tells me that i cannot use any other sim card. It simply does not work. When i put my sprint sim back it recognises.


I have a terrible time when i travel internationally. This is totally NOT expected, especially when i expect high quality from a provider im paying so much money to.

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Re: UICC Unlock

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention @karan1_eie,


Let me take a look at your case. Please check your inbox I'll send you a private message shortly.

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