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Unlimited plus plan issues


Unlimited plus plan issues

I just signed up with Sprints Unlimited Plus plan. Because I want unlimited calls to Canada that was a big incentive and now the account keeps saying I have a spending limit of 150 dollars and I keep going over my long distance minutes. Since i have unlimited plus plan and Canada is included why does sprint keeps suspending my service

Now as a workaround they added the additional long distance service on my account which costs additional 5 dollars. 


thank you

Sprint Social Care

Re: Unlimited plus plan issues

mfarazk- Let's clear up a couple of things. First, all of our unlimited plans come with Global Roaming. What is Global Roaming? Global Roaming is FREE text & basic data for smartphones in more than 200 worldwide destinations while outside of the US. This "work around" you speak of is an add-on in order to be able to make Unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico. It sounds like the account is being charge for the long distance calls, hence the service that keep being suspended.

I would like to review the  account and make sure everything is running smoothly. My name is Juan, I am part of the Sprint social care team. Please send us a private message with your name, account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question on the account.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Unlimited plus plan issues

HI Juan,


Thank you for your reply. I agree my phone is being charged for long distance and on top of it Sprint put a 150$ spending limit on my account so that is why they had to add the 5 dollars unlimited calls which is redundant since the only reason I got this plan was because it allows me to call Canada. 

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