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Voicemail transcription


Voicemail transcription

When is it going to be free like on all the other  major carriers?

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Re: Voicemail transcription

Howdy E_Ack, I hear ya, the visual voice mail is a great feature. At this time, we aren't projecting for this feature to free, but that doesn't mean that it won't happen in the future. 


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Re: Voicemail transcription

Do enough people pay for the add on to make it worth not offering for free? Like remember when they charged for text because people thought it was somehow hard to provide? Don't destroy you brand like airplane companies did. I'm not paying $5 for headphones since I have a hundred pairs at home already. Eventually they're free again.

Re: Voicemail transcription

Kind of sad that it's not free as it would be very accessible for those with hearing losses who cannot use voice mail like myself. 

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Re: Voicemail transcription

I'm wondering if we have an accessibility tool that might work for you @Julesag95 


I'm going to reach out to someone.  I'll post in here if I find anything out.


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