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Yeah, I got 4G MOST of the time! But my phone only utilizes 3G.


Yeah, I got 4G MOST of the time! But my phone only utilizes 3G.

        Google Pixel (OG), just started on the Kickstarter plan a couple of days ago. At first, I must have given the wrong (like, complete different...somehow?) imei number, and Sprint had me listed as a Galaxy S7. I had a data issue, connected to Sprints online chat 'cause I didn't want to go see a real person, and they thought I was using an HTC...? K, got that figured out, Pixel (OG)! So now, issue is: My phone will catch the 4G bands and say it is "receiving data: 4G", and have that little ramp icon almost fully lit up... but it wont load any website, or even send a FB message.


       When I switched it over, telling my phone to prefer 3G bands, opposed to the LTE, and then configured it as well and downloaded the PRL update (I miss having APN settings...), it switched over to "receiving data: 3G", so I disconnected the wifi and yup! It continued to work, sending FB messages and all. Switched back to LTE and left the house, it worked for a while (staying on the 3G), but the second my phone tried to switch over and start catching 4G again, no data! I've done some trouble-shooting and now have made for absolutely certain, my Pixel doesn't work with Sprint on their 4G network.


        What gives? Or am I doing something wrong? I've never had to do PRL updates or configure my phone other than mess with the APN settings before. Early on, I dialed *#*#42468#*#* and that reset everything and it started working, but maybe it was just switching to 3G that did it, this was the first thing I tried, so I'm not too sure. Help?

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Re: Yeah, I got 4G MOST of the time! But my phone only utilizes 3G.

When it comes to BYOD phones, sometimes everything doesn't work as good as it should. The phones might not be completely configured with the needed things to run 4G on our network. 

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