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What are 3rd Party Charges?   Third party charges are purchases made through Google Play or iTunes which have been billed directly to your Sprint account or debit/credit card. Charges can come from various sources including: In-app game purchases (one time bundle or power-up purchases through games like Farmville, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds or Candy Crush) Subscription services (Spotify, TIDAL) Music, movie or other media downloads Follow these instructions to block purchases on your Sprint account.    Block or unblock billing to your Sprint account:   Login to My Sprint (you may have to go through 2 step authentication): - Click the My Preferences tab Under the Limits and permissions section: Block Apps, digital media downloads & third party charges Select device and phone number to block or unblock and save changes   You may also use this method to unblock numbers if you wish to allow purchases billed to your Sprint account. This may be necessary if you want to sign up for certain subscription services through your Sprint account, like TIDAL streaming music. You can set each number on your account differently so you could, for example, allow purchases for yourself but block them for a child or other person on your account.   **Please note: Bill to account is not available for tablets. Your account has a set limit for purchases per bill period.  Once an account has reached the limit allowed, you will be uable to bill to your Sprint account until your bill period ends. You will still have the option to purchase content through Google Play or iTunes via Credit or Debit card through the end of the bill cycle. Google has set a $50 per transaction limit for purchases.  Purchases exceeding $50 must be paid immediately with a Credit or Debit card.   Prevent Google Play Store charges billed directly to debit or credit card - Require a password or Authentication for purchases  - Use Google Play Family Library (use this to manage the Play Store for a child or other family member)   Prevent Purchases from iTunes - Use Restrictions to Prevent purchasing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Family Sharing (share content across different devices and/or family members to avoid duplicate purchases)
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Question I want to add one of my family members to my Sprint account.  She has her own Sprint account now, I just want to add her number to my bill to help her save money.  How do I do that? Answer It is may be possible for you to add an existing Sprint customer's phone number to your Sprint account by performing a Change of Ownership. We have a Change of Ownership page with instructions and details.   Things to keep in mind: In order for someone to take over responsibility for another Sprint phone number (and any lease or installment billing agreement), both people must have active Sprint accounts with no past due balance If the device attached to the phone number is being leased or has an installment agreement, you will need to credit qualify for that responsibility and the terms may be different from the original account Any loyalty or promotional credits (like BOGO credots) that are being applied to the line will be lost when the line is switched over to the new account.  This change can't be undone
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 Question  I have a subsidized phone charge on my bill for $25. I was wondering what this is or what does it mean??   Answer  If you were required to sign a new 2 yr contract in order to receive the phone (even a phone that is $0 up front), that phone purchase is considered subsidized. Sprint paid the manufacturer full price of the phone but sold or gave it to you or allowed a partner like Best Buy or Radio Shack to sell or give it to you for less than it cost from the manufacturer.  This is known as subsidizing a device purchase.   Newer Sprint rate plans like Unlimited Freedom are drastically less expensive because they're built around only the cost of voice, text and data services. This is because, unlike older plans, there's no portion built in for the cost of the phone. As a result, these plans pair best when customers lease their phones or purchase outright for full MSRP.   If a customer purchases (or receives the phone for $0 at the point of activation) with a two agreement, while on a newer rate plan like the Unlimited Freedom or Cut You Bill In Half, there is a $25 subsidized device fee applied to each line with a subsidized device as well as an Early Termination Fee if the contract terms are not fulfilled.    Unless you are paying the actual MSRP of the phone with no discounts and no 2 yr agreement, you're buying a discounted or subsidized phone. Look for words like 'instant discount' or 'with two year agreement' as an indicator that phone purchase is subsidized by Sprint and therefore subject to the $25/line fee.    
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