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 Question  I have a subsidized phone charge on my bill for $25. I was wondering what this is or what does it mean??   Answer  If you were required to sign a new 2 yr contract in order to receive the phone (even a phone that is $0 up front), that phone purchase is considered subsidized. Sprint paid the manufacturer full price of the phone but sold or gave it to you or allowed a partner like Best Buy or Radio Shack to sell or give it to you for less than it cost from the manufacturer.  This is known as subsidizing a device purchase.   With plans like Everything Data Share and Simply Everything, a small amount per month went to recover the cost to Sprint of a new phone upgrade every couple of years. If a customer cancelled before the 2 yrs were up, they would have to pay an Early Termination Fee, which also recovered that cost.    Newer Sprint rate plans like Unlimited Freedom are drastically less expensive because they're built around only the cost of voice, text and data services. Because there's no portion built in for the cost of the phone, customers are required to either lease or purchase through installments. If a customer purchases (or receives the phone for $0 at the point of activation) with a two agreement, there is a $25 subsidized device fee.      Unless you are paying the actual MSRP of the phone with no discounts and no 2 yr agreement, you're buying a discounted or subsidized phone. Look for words like 'instant discount' or 'with two year agreement' as an indicator that phone purchase is subsidized by Sprint and therefore subject to the $25/line fee.
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