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19+ Years of Loyalty - Sprint takes me as a JOKE


19+ Years of Loyalty - Sprint takes me as a JOKE

I have been a customer of Sprint for almost 20 years - and of course with this climate that we live in - it shows that they do not care at all.


I have been to a Sprint Store (sad you can not tell which ones are corporate anymore) who advised me of the pricing for the 2 year contract and went into my account and advised that they do not have access to do that in store anymore due to the standalone stores only being structured to "leases". The store manager and store lead advised for me to call in to have them advise my loyalty credits and they can do the contract over the phone (typically this is how I order my phones anyway).

Fast-forward to almost 3 hours later after getting Rhonda (who was not attentive, rude and seemed to not be listening to anything I said-) put me on a mute hold for over 10+ mins, only to cold transfer me to someone in escalation/retention which did NOTHING!!!  He literally offered me a "loyalty reward" for a special that Sprint is running - he started stuttering and said he needed to place me on hold to find a better option - NOTHING!! I wasted another hour on the phone with him being placed on constant holds to speak to his "Support Team" aka Supervisor, which clearly if he did speak to them they clearly did not care as he came back with no solution other than leasing options.  Sad you have to take it to blogs and social media to get a matter resolved in a fair manner.


I am not sure what happened to Sprint however for a company that is being merged with T-Mobile and that its not going too well at the moment ---  you would think they would want to maintain/retain the customers that have been with them for a long period of time. 


Re: 19+ Years of Loyalty - Sprint takes me as a JOKE

You have been with us a long time, and we do appropriate your loyalty with Sprint. 


We did end up stopping the installment billings and 2 year contracts due to so many customers wanting to upgrade within a years time. With the flex lease option, you can choose to lease the device for 18 months, and then pay the remaining all at once, or you can spread out in 6 payments. It gave the customers the ability to upgrade when every they wanted too. 


You should not have been transferred around like that, or cold transferred. I would like to look into this, and send the feedback for this up. 


I know it can be frustrating when we don't offer things we use too, and to have to change things. 


Please send me a Pm. We can look into the account, and get these feedbacks sent up. 


Re: 19+ Years of Loyalty - Sprint takes me as a JOKE

I just signed one on the one of the lines on my account. I do not do installments or leases I pay for the phone.


I sent a PM to you.

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