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25gb plan being “retired” but still given with a $20 increase per month


25gb plan being “retired” but still given with a $20 increase per month

I just found out that my grandfathered 25gb plan received a $20 increase per month from $50 to $70 for the plan itself. When I was offered this plan a sprint rep stated that this was a permanent plan that would receive no price increase unless I changed the plan myself. I still have the online chat saved with the sprint rep saying that. It seems like this is a broken sprint promise. It has been more than 12 months of having this plan and all of a sudden I am being charged $20 more per month. Has anyone else experienced this same price increase? I just got into a lease agreement on a device a month ago and was quoted a monthly bill by a sprint rep with no mentioning of any sort of price increase in the near future. There is another broken sprint promise. I did not think sprint could change the price of a plan that was not a promotional plan and that did not have an expiration date attached to it. I feel taken advantage of by sprint. All sprint representatives keep telling me is that they are offering “the best service at the best value.” I am receiving the same exact 25gb service still but with a price increase of $20 per month. That is not value to me. If I did not have monthly payments on my devices I would leave sprint and choose a different provider. There have been no sprint representatives able to offer a solution to my issue to make me a satisfied sprint customer. 


We performed a data plan simplification across the board. When you were told that it was a permanent price on the plan, it meant that the price wasn't promotional and wouldn't expire. Now that we have retired the plan, that is different. 


Most of the plan changes included more data. I'm happy to review your account and determine the differences. Please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN or security answer.





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Sprints data plan simplification did not give me any more data or any added benefits. All it did was provide a loyal sprint customer with a $20 increase per month. After having my account reviewed there is still nothing that can be done or offered for the inconvenience and price increase. 

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