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A Series of VERY Unfortunate Billing Events


A Series of VERY Unfortunate Billing Events

Been a Sprint customer for a little over 2 years. I switched my provider from Verizon for numerous reasons. I started off on a promotional plan with a Galaxy S8+ (the Hulu is what had me sold). I loved the service so much I convinced my fiance to drop Verizon, trade in her Pixel 2, and get the S9+. We never had any issues or complaints with the service until a few months ago in April when I received an e-mail about my promotional plan ending. Completely 100% satisfied with the service, I decided to stick with Sprint. I think I made a huge mistake.


First, my fiance and I were both eligible for an upgrade. I upgraded to the LG G8 ThinQ and she side-graded to the same model, partly because they were something like 50% (maybe 40%) off at the time if you upgrade. These prices were accurately reflected in our bill. We decided to get our daughter a phone and, again, we went with the same model because there was an exceptional deal for adding a line. Something like a flat amount off for adding a line and a flat amount off for something else. On top of that we could have gotten the gift card if we bought so much in accessories, which we decided not to do. My daughter's phone was advertised at a few dollars a month (don't remember the exact price). I have been paying $12.23 for this phone. On top of that, I did the upgrades and added the new line during a "free activation" week. I had to pay the $30 activation fee for both upgrades. THEN, on top of that, the plan I selected at the time was the most basic unlimited. It SAID for the plans when I was looking at them online it would cost me $100 per month for all 3 lines (another reason we decided to get my daughter a phone). Instead of $100 I've been paying $120 each month after auto-pay discounts. AND THEN, to really add insult to injury, I noticed my bill was prorated for the month I switched (I expected this) but I was charged during that billing period for next month and then charged the next month AGAIN (double-dipping?). Like an info-mercial, JUST WAIT! THERE'S MORE! The $450 worth of credits for my fiance trading in her pixel 2 magically stopped being credited after she side-graded her S9+ for the LG. Good job, Sprint; you paid me maybe $100 for a phone worth around $700 at the time of trade-in.


So you would think I wouldn't wait this long to say something about all of this. Well, I didn't. At first, I was waiting 2 months for the "credits to be applied to my account." Nothing. When my third month's bill was available I noticed it was STILL $182 per month. Yes, $182 per month for a $100 plan and 3 phones that should have added up to less than $35. With taxes and fees I was expecting a $155 monthly bill; I was even going to consider upgrading the plans to the next tier. So I chat with some awful outsourced support that addressed me with the same regard as a parent softly scorning their child for making up a story to get out of trouble. "You cannot be charged twice for the same month, Michael." Well, I WAS charged, and even went so far as to virtually draw them a picture (I took snippets of my bills with the charges and even highlighted them). They still denied I was charged twice, and never once acknowledged ANY of these other complaints. I was told that they "noticed an overcharge on the account for $45." Where??? There was never even a charge on any of my bills for $45. Optimistically, I thought, "Maybe this will finally be the credits applied to my monthly bills?" WRONG. A pathetic ONE TIME credit of $45 and now my bill is back up to $182 this month. Ridiculous.


I thought this "deal" was too good to be true. I guess it was. If my bill does not get fixed soon I will drop Sprint like a bad habit and go back to Verizon. At least they were up-front about their highway robbery. Their support was horrible (not like Sprint's has been much better) but at least I knew what I was and wasn't getting.

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: A Series of VERY Unfortunate Billing Events

Sounds like you have dealt with a lot. 


When we can look into all of this with you. One thing so far that stood out to me that I can say for sure. 

When you wife upgraded to a new phone, and she lost the credits. This is due going outside the promotional terms. Even though she was side upgrading, it still counts outside the promotional terms that was started with the first device. Any changes like that will make the promotion fall off. 


For the plan you are talking about sounds like our Unlimited Basic. That plan is laid out like this. These prices are with auto pay credit counted. 


  • Line one is $60/month 
  • Line two is $40/month 
  • Lines 3 - 10 are $20/month 


It sounds like you were looking at our promotional plan we have or had running at that time. 

Which would give you lines 3 - 5 free for certain amount of time. 



For everything else I will need to look into the account. I would like for you to send me a PM. 

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