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Another Hostage Situation


Another Hostage Situation

I did search the archives and found that evidently it's common to be a Sprint Hostage.  I tended to take those stories with a grain of salt until I became one myself.  Sprint and I fell out after I was told that I had to pay for three devices that I never received.  Dishonesty is the one trigger that is intolerable to me so I paid off every single device that I had, turned in all of my equipment, and Sprint continues to hold me hostage even though I have no Sprint equipment and moved on to another carrier that same day.  As for the details, I called to cancel May 28, 2019 and was assured that my account was cancelled effective the end of the billing cycle.  I checked several times up until June 21, 2019 and was assured that my account would cancel out June 21, 2019.  After being assured three times that my account would cancel, I thought nothing more about it until I get a bill and find out that four of the devices are still active!  Whenever I call in and ask why my account wasn't canceled, all I hear is it will cancel effective the end of this billing cycle.  I've heard that lie before because that's how I got here in the first place.  I check back and find out that the devices are still active.  Another call and I get told that only certain departments can cancel accounts.  It's like being duct taped and thrown into the trunk of a dirty old car whenever I try to get away from Sprint!  

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Re: Another Hostage Situation

The information you've received about canceling the account is correct, only Account Services can cancel the account. I would like to review the account and submit a case for any phone that was returned but not checked in properly. Please send me a private message with your Sprint phone number and PIN or security answer.





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