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Cancellation woes


Cancellation woes

To start off, I moved my service to sprint around September of 2019. I wish I could end with that sentence but alas, ever since then I have had problems. It started with a bill credit that kept getting applied and removed over and over again, causing me to pay more and more on the bill. Also from the first day of service, or I should say lack of service, I had no cell/data reception in most places on any of my 3 phones. I live in a major city, Dallas/Fort Worth area and half the time I could not get any service. And when I did my data speeds where sub 1mbs.

I opened quite a few tickets to try and resolve the issues but as a few emails get exchanged, and a couple calls I stopped getting responses. I guess in hopes that I'd go away. After the multiple trips to the stores trying to get support and the multiple unanswered support request I had enough. I need edmy phone for work, with hotspot capabilities, and with only getting 1mbs or lower in data speeds that was impossible. I called support to get the final price for cancellation and Early term. It couldn't be help with no service and support servery lacking I needed to move on.

Support told me 1 price for the full early term minus device fees since they have not gotten the 3 phones back yet. I was fine with that. I told them to cancel the service and I will send the phones back. A few weeks later I got the bill with the phones included, I contacted support and told them I wouldnt pay until they had the phones, which where already mailed, and the hardware was removed for the final bill. Before they even removed the phones I got letters for non payments and late payment charges for a canceled account. We finally got the final bill with out the phone equipment, which was paid off after the return, due to the double payments from the 1st issue of the credit not being applied, but the bill itself was almost 500 more then what was quoted. 

This is pretty ridicules, already, 500 more then what was told me, and I have yet to be told a reason from that non existant support. So far I've payed off what I was originally told, with the extra 500 there with threats of collections and to charge a card that was previously used. I contacted support again, and tried to explain the situation of the additional charges that were not told to us and try to set up a payment plan, but as you can expect from support it went no where.

This might sound like whining, but I only mean to use it as a warning to check, double check, and triple check on everything involving your dealings with sprint. 


Re: Cancellation woes

It looks like you worked with us back in march regarding these credits, and it looks like all have been given. There was one that was happening every month. 


It sounds like you were charged the outstanding lease charges on your account, and those would be valid if you didn't finish your 18 month lease. We would credit for the devices getting returned. 


I am unsure if you had another rep working in your account, and I can check to see what was going on. Here on Community you have not reach back out to us since March 1st. That is when we gave you the credits you weren't given, and then a monthly adjustment on your bill. 


For the early termination fees, we can only give you a guess from that date. We can't factor in taxes and fees that come with the termination. 


For the service issues, we weren't aware on here, and we would have done troubleshooting to check. I can always access your account to check to make sure everything was taken care of. 


Send me a PM. We can look into everything.

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