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Disgusting overcharging


Disgusting overcharging

We opened three lines and moved from NY to Texas and notified Sprint of this.


the service was very bad as well as overcharging in the account.


i have noticed surcharges for NY And Queens despite us not living there for over a year and Sprint offer to give back $50 of which the charges add up to almost $600.


we cancelled and moved to Verizon because the service was so bad and now Sprint day they cannot refund us what is owed.


what a scam and dishonest service.  The integrity is very poor and their ethics are shameful.  I am very very annoyed that this is allowed, is there a proper and legal process to dispute and get my refund for this back?


Re: Disgusting overcharging

Hi Yjohn. I'd be glad to take a look over things for you. Usually we see charges like this show up when you have moved but the old address is still reflected in the system. I'm going to send you a PM so I can get some additional info in order to take a closer look over things with you. 


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