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Early Upgrade Charges


Early Upgrade Charges

I recently upgraded my devices in September to get the new iPhone 11. I have the iPhone forever, so every 12 months i am eligible to upgrade my device. I was only 9 months into my contract, and paid $85 (my remaining lease balance) to be able to early upgrade. On my next bill i am being charged an outrages amount for my device, which I returned. When i upgraded the phone i paid a deposit as well as the $85 remaining lease balance. When i contact customer service, they note that i am being charged for the phone because i ended the contract early, however that makes no sense as i paid the renaming balance to upgrade and successfully returned the device. They directed me to go to a sprint store with my bank statement and confirmation receipt; i did so and they mentioned they could do anything about the issue as only customer service could. Once again, i contacted sprint and they see the charge for the early upgrade, but mentioned i was only billed $50 at the time. In which my bank statements reflect i was billed $144. Sprint then mentioned they could not refund the $85 and and only half. The system is not computing the numbers correctly. My bill is being charged extra for a device i NO LONGER HAVE!!!!! At this point i am not sure what to do! I've returned the device and i am still being charged for it, and I've  been accused for not paying the early upgrade! 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Early Upgrade Charges

Betancesjoel - Hello! My name is Juan, I am part of the Sprint social care team.  I understand this may be very frustrating, I will be more than happy to assist you with getting this issue resolved. Send me a private message with your name, account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question on the account.

Sprint Social Care
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