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Forcing me to pay $500 to resolve a problem sprint started.


Forcing me to pay $500 to resolve a problem sprint started.

I got 2 phones under sprint on October 26th and 27th 2017. That was 23 months ago.


Some time in August i called sprint to ask questions about my account, billing and my lease.


never did i say in the phone call that i wanted to cancel my lease.


A short while later i see my account bill is nearly $800.  I looked through my account and its charges for my lease. With the unnecessary cancelation, it made my account look like i NEVER made any payments for the phone. I got it resolved, and from my recent billing period, i seen another charge for $600. I spent this entire month calling and "chatting" with sprint customer service to get it resolved. first they told me it'll be a week to fix, then i called again, they said it'll be fixed before the next billing period, called AGAIN on Thursday because they cut off my cell service and they said "we will try to get it fixed soon" and didn't give me any idea how long. 


Ive spent hours on the phone on hold and constantly being transferred. I spent hours chatting online with people. None of this went anywhere. 


I am honestly fed up and i want to leave sprint because of this. this is causing me so much distress that I'm being treated like trash for a company I'm PAYING MONEY TO. I really need this fixed because i don't have $500 to shell out for a problem i never even created in the first place. Please just someone help me.



Re: Forcing me to pay $500 to resolve a problem sprint started.

Howdy far-away. I'd like to take a deeper look into this for you. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 


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