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Friend on contract but not paying


Friend on contract but not paying

So my friend agreed to pay her portion of the phone bill and the cost of her phone a month. She hadn't been the last few months and I want to cancel the line. If I do I know she will probably keep the phone and if she doesn't she won't tell me the pass code for it.

At this point what can I do? Can I report it stolen if she doesn't give it to me. 

I should note that she also owes sprint 658 bucks from a previous account she she never disclosed that to me prior to this. 


Re: Friend on contract but not paying

Not a good situation to be in at all. What happens when you cancel a line is that there may be a early termination fee, I can check that out for you. Also, if the phone is on lease, you will be responsible to pay off the remaining lease balance. If you can turn in the phone at that point, there won't be any further charges. If she doesn't give the phone back for you to turn in, you will need to pay the fair market value of the phone. Then the phone is yours. Until that is paid, the phone is still property of Sprint.


If you want me to check and see how much all that is, send me a private message with your account information.



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