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How can this company do business with such customer service!!


How can this company do business with such customer service!!

I recently moved to Sprint. I needed to add a line to my family plan and Verizon was getting very expensive. So I started searching for carriers and chatted online with couple of the well known companies(ATT, Tmobile, Sprint etc.). Few days later a guy from Sprint Corporate calls me and asks if he can get my business. We discussed and he kept on mentioning that he was from corporate and can give me a good deal. After some time we decided on a plan and phone lease options and it seemed pretty good. I agreed to this and signed the contracts he sent over. Once the new phones arrived, this person setup the account, ported the numbers and all was good! Few days later I received my bill and I was shocked. What I was being billed was nothing near to what was agreed upon. I immediately emailed (since I wasn't given a phone number) the sprint corporate guy and asked for this to get fixed. No response for a couple of days! before setting up my account, I was getting constant emails from him and now sudden silence! I then called and chatted with customer service. Every time I was ensured that my issue was being escalated and someone would get in touch with me. I was within my 14days of trial and hence I was assured that my issue would be resolved. After many days and many hours on the phone my issue wasn't going anywhere and I lost hope of getting what I was promised. I wanted to cancel my account, but now I am told that since I am no longer within the 14 days, I have to pay all the termination fees. Not only do I have to pay the termination fee, but also for the phones and it would cost me above $2000 !! I got scammed into this and if I don't agree to this, there will be legal problems. If I don't pay these fees, I'll loose my numbers and that I can't do as I've had my phone for over 10 years! 


Sprint, if you are really monitoring these posts, please help. How can you do business with such lack of commitment. 

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Re: How can this company do business with such customer service!!

That's not okay! Let me help get to the bottom of this issue. Can you send me a DM with your phone number and your PIN? I'm going to take a look at your account and see the escalation and what's going on in there.

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