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How does final bill work? Inconsistent answers..


How does final bill work? Inconsistent answers..

I plan to leave sprint and would like to know how the final billing works.  I've gotten inconsistent answers.


*My last invoice was for the period September 2 through October 1.  This invoice was due October 25.

*In the next few days I'll receive an invoice for October 2 through November 1.


*My understanding has always been that I am essentially PRE PAYING for service on each invoice.  This means that even though the period is October 2 through November 1 I'm really paying for services for November 2 through December 1 (i.e., the month ahead of each period).

*The reason I believe this is true is because when I initiated service my first bill had a service charge for Nov 2 through Dec 1

*The second bill was for the period Nov 2 through Dec 1 and had also had a service charge.  If this charge wasnt for the month in advance, I was double charged for the same period.



If I leave sprint in november, will I get a refund for the service I have been prepaying for OR will I have a pro rata charge?






Re: How does final bill work? Inconsistent answers..

The bill that will be due on Nov 25th, will be for the services for Nov 2 to Dec 1. When you cancel, it take affect the end of the billing cycle. So if you cancel mid Nov, you won't  have any other service charges. The only charges you may have is if you have leases or subscriptions. 



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