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How to file a complaint against a Chat agent or Sprint's internal system?


How to file a complaint against a Chat agent or Sprint's internal system?

2 months back, the head of my family left the USA and he wanted to cancel his number. According to the Sprint store and customer care, if the head cancels the line, all the lines in the family gets cancelled. To save our numbers from this stupid rule, the rest of us created a new temporary family as guided by them. 


Later within a week, everyone moved to new families. We were told that if we switch to another family within a week, the amount on our lines will be credited back as Sprint has now started billing a month ahead in the cycle, and the bill for the entire month had been generated.


When all of us moved, I was assured that every line will be credited and we won't be paying anything as we will also have to pay the same charges in our new family. When it was not credited, I had a chat with a representative who assured me that the credit will be applied on the next billing cycle. Luckily, I had emailed the chat transcript to my personal id.


It has been over a month and given assurance on the chat has not been delivered. My bill is overdue in Sprint, which if I would not have checked accidentally today, I would be completely unaware of. In context to this, today, when I called the customer service and provided the chat id, they were not able to find any information regarding that chat. They say no such chat exists in their system. According to them, the only solution is to take the print of the chat and visit a store and ask them to assist me. The store is far away from my place and now I will need to get some time off my work and have to go to the store to resolve their system's fault.


This has been the second time Sprint has not delivered what was promised to me. A few months back, when I purchased a phone on a BOGO offer, they did not credit the BOGO amount for nearly 8 months. I have a bill for buying both phones on the same day. They said that it is not updated in their system because one of the phones (whose colour was not available) was delivered a week later. How is it possible if I have the bill for both phones with me? I had to talk in every billing cycle with an agent to resolve it. Even the store manager talked to the customer service on my behalf multiple times but no luck. As said, it took me 8 months to convince them that I bought the phones on BOGO and got my credit back. 


Such kind of service from Sprint is not acceptable. I am fed up of wasting my time, talking to them to get the things they promised. I want to know a way to file a complaint towards Sprint's system?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: How to file a complaint against a Chat agent or Sprint's internal system?

Wow! It sounds like you've been through the briar patch. I'd like to take a look into this for you, and file a report on the chat rep. 


The call rep was partially correct. If there are no notes from the chat rep, then the next option is to look at the chat transcript, which isn't something they would have the ability to do. But I do. I sent you a PM so I can gather all the info needed to take care of this issue for you.  


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