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International Billing - Canada Plan

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International Billing - Canada Plan


I went to Canada for one day and so I added the "Canada Plan" for $2.99 a day or two before I left. When I got there, I didn't have any service on my Samsung Replenish. After fiddling with the phone, I turned on International and I received service (otherwise didn't have any).

Now thay I'm home, I have $15.47 in international  calling charges... Shouldn't I get charged for $2.99?


Re: International Billing - Canada Plan

No, By adding the plan you are charged LESS per minute then if you did not have the plan added.
Canada plan is $2.99 a month.

$0.20 per minute for local Canada numbers and any calls to or from the United States.

Applies to all incoming and outgoing calls while in Canada.

Regular plan minutes are not used.

Without a Canada discount calling plan, pay-as-you-go international voice rates apply when traveling in Canada.

Rate is $0.59 per minute.

The rate applies to all calls made or received while in Canada.

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