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Not getting a refund


Not getting a refund

So in the month of june my daughter came back from India. i took her to the sprint store had her be put on the same plan i was on ($15/m) so she can call internationally. Shortly thereafter i went to india myself. I had set sprint up on autopay so i didn't realize how much they were actually charging me. I run my own small businesses and i was on a trip so i wasn't looking into my account as much as i regularly do. I've been with sprint since 2011 and we've been fine so i wasn't worried. 

when i got home and sorted through the bills what did i see? 

1. one bill for +1400 dollars

2. second bill for +2000 dollars

3. third bill for +900 dollars

4. fourth bill for another +900 dollars.


i usually pay around 4-500 dollars each month i have 5 lines and an iPad. so i paid at least a minimum of 3400 dollars extra in the span of 4 months. and no i didn't get any email or calls telling me that my bill was that high. they said they called my main number but i didn't answer (because i was out of the country) so they decided it best not to try to email me a notification. now its been over a month and they told me 2-5days for this to get resolved. nothing not an email a text saying they're working on it.


so i called and they're response now was "it takes 3-5days for the case to be taken up, seems like your case has been taken up"

i asked the lady if she could give me a time frame for how long i have to wait to receive a response her exact response was "i have no way of telling you that, the longest I've seen it take is a week" so i asked her... so september 24th till october 16th... is that not longer than one week? I'm so beyond frustrated i asked if there was someone else who could give me more insight or an estimated time frame and she said "nope, this is the best i can do" 

i honestly have never been more frustrated in my life at something.

I'm having trouble paying my other bills because sprint scammed me out of at least 3500 dollars. and now has decided not to at all inform me about how this processes is being handled.

The fact is this was in no way my fault. I did my job and went to the sprint dealer and asked then to put my daughters number on a plan, they reassured me they did we also even laughed at oh we won't be getting a bill of 1000 dollars right?? and they assured me no way she's on the plan now.

So if i did my job why didn't sprint? why do i have to now pay the price of they're mistake. if i honestly don't get reimbursed to my satisfaction (Ill pay the amount owed if she was on the plan and how much those charges would of been but not a cent more) ill be happy if not. Good bye Sprint and the last decade of being a loyal customer and ill defietly be changing carriers 100%.

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Re: Not getting a refund

High bills are never a good thing. Let's take a look and see what's going on. I'll send you a private message so I can get your information.



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