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Overcharged for years, unable to contact Sprint.

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Overcharged for years, unable to contact Sprint.

This is my last-ditch effort to resolve several issues. I know Sprint does not actually read these forums, but I am hoping someone might be able to provide some other options for me.


I can not get ahold of Sprint. I live in a rural area where my cell service is very spotty, at best, so I can not call in and wait on hold. In the past, I have always used the online chat to talk with Sprint, but that option seems to have been removed entirely.


I know they claim that the chat function is unavailable at peak times (which is a horrendous practice; just put us in a queue to wait if reps are busy, don't force us to constantly come back and refresh the page, hoping for the Chat button to finally show up). But I have done just that, tried coming back at all hours of the day, night, morning, etc... I have not been able to access the chat function in over a year.


My issue is I've been overcharged for years because Sprint re-added a "spending limit" fee to my account, even though they removed it a couple of years ago when I requested them to. My credit is excellent now and the spending limit is completely unnecessary.


On top of that, they also re-added the useless Lookout Premium subscription, again, after I had removed it.


I only discovered these things because I went online to upgrade my wife's phone to my old Sprint device and could not find any way to do so.


Since Sprint doesn't offer any other means of contacting them other than by phone, what are my options? Do I need to drive into town in order to get cell service for this?


I am now looking to switch to Verizon simply because contacting customer support at Sprint is so challenging.

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Re: Overcharged for years, unable to contact Sprint.

Hi there. Here on the Sprint Community you're on official Sprint turf and there are Sprint reps lurking all over, just waiting to jump in and help customers out. I am one of those agents, working on the Sprint SMART team and would be glad to check in on things for you. 


I'll be dropping you a private message so that we can get some additional info in order to check in on your account. Keep an eye out for a PM from me shortly. 


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