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Past due balance dispute.


Past due balance dispute.

I signed up with Sprint towards the end of last year 2018. They had a promotion going at the time for the Galaxy note 9. It was for 20$ a month for new members. So I decided to go with that. First couple months my bill was at 58$ just for the phone, the third bill came and it was still 58$. I went to the Sprint store to try and figure out why and they took hours looking into things only to find that the day I signed up was the DAY AFTER the promotion ended. So I was lied to and made to sign an agreement based on false information just to get a sale. They said there was nothing they could do about it. I went to TMobile that day and switched. However I now have a past due amount about to go into collection of around 1100 dollars and I do not believe I should have to pay any of that due to false advertising the day after promotion was over, and trying to sell me on a promotion that no longer exsisted. I would like someone from Sprint to contact me so we can have this settled immediately.

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Re: Past due balance dispute.

Hey there simonjjonker01. I'd be glad to help you look into this. It sounds like you were leasing that Note 9 from Sprint when you cancelled your contract. Did you return the device back to Sprint when you switched to T-Mobile? 


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