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Payment Arrangement Failure


Payment Arrangement Failure

I'm going thru a really rough patch in my life. (im crying as i write this) i been with sprint 9 years and all of a sudden i will have to suffer my phone been disconnected even if i pay half of the balance. All i have is $225.02 at the moment. I'm willing to pay it and work something out for another date. I have a mother who has stage 4 cancer and i really can't afford to have my phone off and i have ask for more money for help but STILL no one wants to let me borrow an extra 225. if there is anyone who can work with me on getting much needed time so i can pay my bill down. i have doctors and everybody calling for her so she can get to appointments and things. i can't afford to have my services off I been trying very hardest. my thing is if my phone is off how would the doctors contact me how would my mother make it to her appointments and etc. Any help will do? thanks for anyone who wants to help me

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Re: Payment Arrangement Failure

I'm sorry to hear about your mother jericap. Mine is actually battling breast cancer. I'll be more than happy to assist anyway I can. Payment Arrangement (PM) is based of an account standing, how many PM have been created, then completed. I'll be more than happy to look into this for you. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info.  


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