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Payment plan/ Failed payment arrangements


Payment plan/ Failed payment arrangements

Has anyone had trouble with customer service and financing lately. It is like we are in the middle of a pandemic and can’t get any help on our bill, I have been a sprint customer for 3 years lately due to hours cut at my job I’ve been getting behind on my phone bill. Sometimes I set payment arrangements up and they fail. I finally got the chance to get one on a huge late bill of mine last month and paid 50 dollars and the other amount of 300 something would come out 2 weeks later. I didn’t transfer the money over first thing in the morning so the payment tried to come out and it declined. None of the phones on my plan went off and 3 hours later I paid the EXACT amount for the payment arrangement and everything was fine. So now I am all caught up on my bill and have a bill of 264 due tomorrow so I call to set up a payment arrangement due to paying to move out of my house and in with family since I have lost my job due to a curfew in my state. I asked to pay 60 of it now and the rest in 2 weeks and was told I have had too many failed payment arrangements so I have to pay my full amount tomorrow or my phones will be turned off. I have been working so hard to catch up on all my bills this is the most i’ve been caught up with them in months and they are telling me they can’t do anything. Is there anyone I can talk to explain my situation and get some type of help 

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