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Phone leases


Phone leases

Nearly two years ago, I upgraded from a Samsung Note 5 I was leasing from Sprint to a Note 8, which I purchased from Samsung.  I deactivated the Note 5 and activated the Note 8.  Since I did most of this online or by phone (as opposed to through a Sprint store) I didn't realize I needed to cancel the lease on the Note 5.  No one at any time from Sprint told me what to do with the Note 5.  To this day, I don't know if I returned it or not.  I know I don't have it anymore.


As a result, I've been charged over $400 in lease payments for a phone I deactivated and haven't used again.  I tried approaching Sprint customer service.  But the best I could do was get them to cancel the lease for the old Note 5.  THey would not credit anything toward the lease payments.


But elsewhere on this board I found  the e mail address of the CEO and wrote to him.  I asked for his staff to contact me within three days in an attempt to resolve it.  I feared I'd have to drop Sprint and get a new carrier.


But earlier today, someone from corporate HQ called me and offered me a generous (but not full) credit for those payments.  I thought I'd offer some good news here. Sprint customer service works!  At least once you escalate to the CEO!

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Re: Phone leases

Good Morning richards1052. I'm sorry it took all that to get a resolution for you. But am super stocked that you were able to get some of the payments back. 


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