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Promotion(s) not honored!!!


Promotion(s) not honored!!!

       When I go to get online chatting operator help,The operator told me I can got "Safe and found for one month",and I double check ask 2 operator  to comfirm my eligible ,  also They(operators) told me added the pomotion in my account,

       But When i check my online bill,I got $150.64 bill,I call back sprint phone serices to find out this issues,They told me Someone will be call me back at 48 hour,I wait 86 hour more now,not one to call me,I try to call they again,Operator told me Someone has call me but I'm didnt pick up the phone,I checked my phone not any misscall or Voice message.

      Maybe they didnt touch this case, But must someone to solution,I'm cancel my auto payment and port out my all line from sprint, I leave my all contact info over my account and phone operator,email,phone number ,just call me or text or Email soon.

    I Screenshot the picture about online chat operator and me talk record. look picture.



[Edited for privacy]

Sprint Social Care

Hey, so from July 27th you were billed for Safe and Found? 


Form the July 14,I should be add safe or found 30 day free to my  Account.I’m have added the “safe and found free a month at July 14 to my account,but sprint bill still is full charge to me $150.46 dollar.Also My previous plan end at 06/30/2020,new plan since 7/1/2020,whatever how to Calculation my bill,my bill the price is not $150.46 Dollar.


Let's take a look. Send us a Private Message. 

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