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Should not pay for no service and being lied to over and over again!


Should not pay for no service and being lied to over and over again!

After moving into our new home we no longer could make or receive calls when we were inside our home or in our yard. We had to walk around the corner, even though Sprint kept telling us our signal was fine. I have video of my husband trying to make a call to locate our daughter and the call would not go through. People would tell me all the time they called and I have no calls showing. My husbnad could no longer do his job at home which required use of his phone.  I called Sprint weekly. I was Told multiple times by Sprint a booster box would be sent to see if that helps and nothing was ever sent or received. I would call to say nothing came and was also promised it's on the way.  I was also told that a would be given a credit for time I did not have service. No credit given. Finally after 8 months of the constant run around and lies we had to switch services. My husband could no longer do his job at home with no cell service. Now we have received a final bill that is $1800. When I called them to discuss the credit promised for 8 months of no service I was told at that time they don't guarantee service within your home. What????? Why wasn't I told that 8 months ago. I am frustrated and feel I don't owe this bill. We had 5 lines with no cell service for 8 months!!!!! I now tell people all the time to stay away from Sprint. I have recordings of several conversations where lies were told. I would like Sprint to make this right and remove what I owe. 

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Re: Should not pay for no service and being lied to over and over again!

Hi @taramom, we're sorry to know you had to leave our family. Our terms and condition specify your Sprint signal and your specific network coverage will depend on the radio transmissions your Device can pick up and Services you’ve chosen. Our coverage maps show our coverage estimates using Services outdoors under optimal conditions. Coverage isn’t available everywhere, and is not guaranteed. For in-building coverage issues, we offer certain devices. It's odd we didn't send it if that was going to improve your service. If a credit was offer, I can take a look into the account notes. Please send me a private message, just click on my name and then on "Send a message". 

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