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I don't  even know where to begin. I was with SPRINT in the early 90s and had them for over 15 years. Went to come back to them here in 2019 after a good 5yr+ lapse. 

I did bring all paperwork from other network and blah blah. Anyways I fell for the LG G8 that was on a promotion for 15/mo. lease. I took it and wanted to love it. But I tried for 2 weeks and pretty much said it has to go. As it does not fit my needs. Now I was told of a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason at all.

So I bring the phone back and opted for the Samsung s10+ as it was on a promotion to for 25/mo. lease (10 smackers more but oh well).

So now I see on my bill they are charging me 41 clams instead of the promotion price of 25.

Because I supposedly can't  do anything within my 30 day RISK FREE .. 

I really HATED the phone and could not deal with it, I can not see how it is so hard to take me off the LG special and put me on the Samung special. That's all I want, I don't intend on changing any plans as I think they are quite fair and I do love what I got so far. I simply hated the phone.

This S10+ is everything I wanted and more, I just love it. But they are not giving me the promotion price of 25/mo lease and are charging me the 41 plus change/mo. 

I understand I may have to pay a 35 buck restocking fee but at least give me the promotion you are already running for ALL new clients. I did chat online with some hombre and because I switched phones they were gonna "monitor" my account and see what I may be eligible for down the line.

Which I take as "milk me until my 30 days runs out" and there is nothing I can do about it.

Well it's only been 2 weeks and I have until July 16 (as this was suppose to be a Fathers day present to myself on June 16 and today is only the 2nd)

Your store is an entirely different blog entirely here in Menomonee Falls,WI. That's  a whole another 2 pages. 

Bottom line, I really don't care about the money, I just want to be treated fairly. I feel I am a new customer that was unhappy in 2 weeks of a 30 day guarantee and you make no effort to make it right or reach out to me.

I believe my first bill is due on the 9th of this month and if no one at Sprint cares I'll have a Verizon appointment on the 8th and be bring back everything shortly after for my full refund.

I will pay a bit more with Verizon but now it's just a matter of principles.

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Sm

Welcome back to Sprint family! 


Let's look into if we can get this put on your account. Did they attempt to give you the discount or just tell you no?


Re: Sm

To be honest I do not know. I did see the sign for it but no one actually acknowledged it. I simply explained my hatred for the LG g8 and wanted to use the s10+. And an hour and a half later I had it.

I never realized I was suddenly out of a promotion until I checked online. As far as I would assume I would think I am still a new customer and this phone with the promotion is still 10 bucks more for you per month and I am more than happy to pay a 35 smacker restocking fee because I did choose it to save the 10 bucks...(yes the offers are still the same on both phones to this date as far as I know)

I don't want to change services....only the phone. I just don't want to pay 41/mo when all other new customers get it for 25/mo for the next year and a half.

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Sm

That would be what happened. They didn't place the promotion on account. Can you send me a PM? We can see what we can do. 

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