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Sprint Flex and IPhone for life?


Sprint Flex and IPhone for life?

Is sprint flex good for anything but the upgrade ? Or is that the leasing service itself ? I have the IPhone XR with sprints iPhone for life service. So wouldn’t that technically be better then the sprint flex plan? As I would have to pay off the remainder of the phone before I upgrade with flex correct? Where as with iPhone for life I should be able to upgrade anytime after 12 months? So my question is I guess do I need to continue paying for sprint flex or can I just set up a 12 month billing plan if I’m planning on upgrading every 12 months? I don’t want to pay for additional services I don’t need, clarification on what sprint flex is, what it’s required for, if having iPhone for life makes it useless, and how else I could go about investing purely into iPhone for life and getting the earliest and cheapest upgrades and bills possible would be much appreciate !!


Re: Sprint Flex and IPhone for life?

With your Sprint Flex lease you have an 18-month agreement for lease payments on your device. At the end of that lease you can either 1) trade in the phone towards an upgrade/new device 2) buy out the phone in 1 lump sum 3) buy out the device over 6-months in payments


On the iPhone forever program you can trade-in your device towards the newest iPhone model after you have made 12 payments on your current lease. It would end your existing Flex lease and start a new one when you get the new model.


Let me know if that helps or if you still have questions!


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Re: Sprint Flex and IPhone for life?

So does this mean sprint flex is eseential in my current plan or is it okay to cancel it and just trade in my iPhone ever 12 months ? What are the benefits of having it and how will it effect me if I don’t have it ?


Re: Sprint Flex and IPhone for life?

Just about every leased device on Sprint now a days has a Flex lease. If you have a moto or HTC, you have to wait the full 18 months to upgrade. IF, on the other hand, you have an iPhone or Galaxy, then you may upgrade every 12 months. 


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