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Sprint refusing to honor promotion


Sprint refusing to honor promotion

Sprint offered me a 2nd line free for 18 months, credit would be applied within 2 billing cycles. After 2 billing cycles I'm still being charged. Call customer service and speak with 3 different people over the span of 70 minutes. Cannot find promotion. K. So I print the email and read it to them and the guy magically finds the promo and they credit me. 1 month later. Same problem. Suddenly can't find the promo and again charging me more than what I'm supposed to be paying and then stated the credit was a one time thing and they will not be honoring the promo. That's fine. I will be seeking a new service provider because Sprint is trash. You scam me by offering free additional services then charge me for the service and refuse to honor your promotion. Then customer service drags me through the mud like I'm making the promo up even though I have the confirmation email. It costs the company nothing to give me the promo in the grand scheme of things since they already charge an arm and a leg yet they aren't willing to honor the promo and keep a loyal customer. Noted. Attached is the email that states I'm supposed to be getting $76.25 in total monthly credits, yet I'm only receiving $36.25 in credits. Lies and scams. Screenshot_20190611-214105_Gmail.jpg


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Re: Sprint refusing to honor promotion

Howdy samithomas527. I'm sorry to hear that the promo isn't being applied correctly. I'll be more than happy to look into this for you. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge more info. 


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