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Sprint's UNETHICAL contract billing


Sprint's UNETHICAL contract billing

I have been a Sprint customer for over 15 years, and I was recently SCAMMED by a sales person at the Sprint store in Cambridge, MA. 


I upgraded my phone and switched over another line from Verizon, and the store manager "gave" us $400 worth of accessories, including two Life proof cases, two Mophie chargers, glass protectors, and a Sprint tracker. I did not ask for, NOR was I able to choose any of these accessories, because the Sprint employee told me they were "part of a deal for tax free weekend." I come to find out on my next billing cycle that I was being charged installment payments for every single one of these "free" accessories. 

Worse yet, my signature was used for 3 installment contracts for these devices that I DID NOT SIGN or agree to. I notified Sprint's 1800 number immediately, then went back to the store to confront the employee, and was able to return said accessories. When I asked why he misled me, he said "it's the way upper management encourages us to sell." 


I am floored at how unethical Sprint's contract and billing practices are. What the employee did to me was misleading, unethical, and fraudulent. After over a decade with Sprint, I will be switching providers as soon as my phone lease is up, and encourage customers to BEWARE of this shady behavior.





Re: Sprint's UNETHICAL contract billing

You should have not been mislead like that. I am happy you got the items returned, but no we do not encourage our sales teams to do business like that. We can do feedback on the store if you would like? Send me a PM, and we will start that. 

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