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Stop the lies Sprint, it's exhausting


Stop the lies Sprint, it's exhausting

It appears my experience is not unique. This board just full of people being ripped off by Sprint. Well, here is another one. Just exhausted, frustrated and looking for a way out at this point. My story:

I don't want to list the entire story, who has time for that. Let's just cover the lowlights of my experience with just lie after lie after lie with this company. Is there a single honest person in this freaking company?!

Lie 1: Received a 2nd bill for my first month of service. It's 3 times higher than the salesperson quoted.

Lie 2: Your AAA membership gets you a $15 discount per month

Lie 3: Sign up for Auto pay, $5 credit per line per month. WILL NEVER DO THIS! GIVE THESE CROOKS MY CC INFO AND TRUST THEM? NO THANKS!

Lie 4: This free IPad will not raise your monthly plan (or it will, by $30/month)

Lie 5: This free Tracker will not raise your monthly plan (or it will by $12.50/month)

Lies  6-24: I have spent countless hours, HOURS!!, in the Store, on Chat and on the Phone with at least 10 different people. All just feed me reassuring lies. Then my bill arrives. The bill quoted at "about $90 per month for the 3 lines". My bill is over $200!! **bleep** Sprint.


what do i do?


store visits produce nothing

chat does nothing

phone call does nothing


i wonder how this community posting will play out...


i'm guessing more lies, more bull**bleep** charges. so tired of this, and it has only been about 6 weeks. guess i need to start planning my exit...


who is up for a coordinated social media campaign to get the truth out?


Re: Stop the lies Sprint, it's exhausting

Apologies, forgot one, there are so many

Lie 25: Yes, Hulu is included with your plan. Not just for a year, but for as long as you are a Sprint customer.

eff you Sprint
Sprint Employee

Re: Stop the lies Sprint, it's exhausting

Good morning @iwantout! We'd like to go through your account and solve your issues. Please send us a private message to further assist you. 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Stop the lies Sprint, it's exhausting

Will do Jeffrey.

Sorry, got one more update before that. Was talking this over with wife. Seems I forgot about yet another lie.

Lie 26: We're giving you a $100 Visa gift card for each new line.

Well, i have 3 lines and zero gift cards. Things are going well.
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