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Store lied and ripped me off, how do I report them and get my money back?


Store lied and ripped me off, how do I report them and get my money back?

I upgraded my phone after the old one died. The service agent told me explicitly that in order to receive the plan price she showed me, I had to have insurance for at least 90 days AND I had to buy $360 in accessories which would be billed monthly, at which point the bill would drop off in a year.

I questioned her twice about this, asking if I could just have the plan without the accessories that I don't want and without the insurance that I don't need. She told me TWICE that I had to get both in order to have the plan. Twice, right to my face.


I called the Sprint 800 number yesterday and they told me I didn't need to do any of that. I now have $360 in accessories that I don't want and never wanted to begin with. The manager of the store tells me that I can't return the case, the screen protector and the extra charger because I don't have the packaging. They put the screen protector on at the store so I never got the package!


I never wanted this crap in the first place, but when the employee LIES to me twice, directly to my face, how am I supposed to know the truth? This store fraudulently misrepresented what I had to do to upgrade my phone and keep my similar plan.

How do I get a FULL refund for this crap, and how do I verify that this store didn't tack on all kinds of other charges to my bill? I already called to have Sprint Complete insurance canceled. I was also put on a AAA discount thing but at this point I don't know if I was actually signed up for something without my consent that's going to incur additional charges?

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Re: Store lied and ripped me off, how do I report them and get my money back?

@talktalkfan, thanks for bringing this to our attention so we can work on a solution. I sent you a Private Message to get started, please review it.

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