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They never cancelled my service, still getting charged


They never cancelled my service, still getting charged

I spoke to a customer service representative on Feb 9th to cancel service for my mobile hotspot line after transferring my cellphone to my husband's carrier.  They told me they completed the cancellation and that I wouldn't be charged after the final bill was settled. 


I noticed I was still being charged a few months later so I called again on June 23rd.  Again, a rep said that they would credit me what I'd spent and would cancel the service.  I was just charged again today and so I called back in again.  The rep put me on hold for a very long while and I was disconnected, so when I called back and got someone different they said they couldn't do anything about crediting me for all the charges since February. Apparently the person I was disconnected from submitted credits for June and July, but not March through May.  Now I'm being told that it's not possible to credit the rest of the time because there are already two open credits on my account. Moreover, by the time these credits finalize my account will officially be closed and the rep said she wouldn't know who would be able to get the rest of it credited for me, as I would no longer have an account.


I need to be sure that this account is really closed this time.  I'm logged in to and I still see it there under my information.  I also need to know how I'm supposed to get reimbursed for the other three months that "can't" be credited.   I was a customer for years, and if this experience is indicative of what I can expect from Sprint in the future I will never be back.

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Re: They never cancelled my service, still getting charged

Hi knaufbe. I'm sorry you've had to go through this with us. I'd like to get some additional info so I can access your account and take a look over things for you. I'll be sending you a PM shortly. 


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