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Third Party charges

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Third Party charges

Hi There,

I checked my bill and found there’s $5 third party charge from The Limited Game (Unlimited Games Mo.), which I totally have no idea where’s come from. 
Can you please help me to take it out?
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Re: Third Party charges

Hello pingji, I'd be more than glad to assist. Let's take a look into this, I have sent you a Private Message, feel free to reply at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Third Party charges

Dear Mayorin,


I have had the same problem, received a text - see attached photos. At first, I thought it was a scam since I did buy anything, then Google result shows that a third party can just randomly bill a phone number! What?!  Please clarify. 


So I did follow through the step to unsubscribe (from unlimited gamez mo.) and block future purchases (from whom? I am not sure, only from this merchant?), screenshots are attached.


Please kindly dispute the $5.00 charge (might date 8/7/2018) if it did get posted to my account.  And confirm that the unsubscribe and block is in effect.  And any advice how to prevent this kind of frauds? to save your time and my time fighting them down the road. For the record, I have no relation whatsoever with this merchant.  If it is a shoe store, I might :-)


Thank you very much!



Anyhow plea90832989789378543.jpg844735237961328566.jpg519126734617602797.jpg

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Re: Third Party charges

I'll be happy to double check for you. I'll need to access your account, so I'm sending you a private message to get your account info.





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Re: Third Party charges

the requested information is sent via private message. thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Re: Third Party charges

I answered your private message. Let me know if you need anything else.



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Re: Third Party charges

I'm glad to see the S.M.A.R.T. crew in here assisting customers to get their 3rd party charges sorted out, but did you know that you can block such purchases before they get started?  Take a look at our article for more information: Blocking (or unblocking) Third Party purchases on your Sprint, Google and iTunes accounts.


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