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Tips to remedy deceptive quotes given


Tips to remedy deceptive quotes given

Hi -

Does anyone have any tips on what to do when you've gotten scammed because the initial quote you were given does not end up being anywhere close to what you actually are now going to have to pay?  I switched from AT&T based on the quote I was given, because it was cheaper than what I was paying at AT&T.  Now, I've switched over and my 'corrected' quote will be MORE than I was paying at AT&T.  Any tips on how to handle this?  I've emailed the Store Manager and District Manager - absolutely no response.

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Re: Tips to remedy deceptive quotes given

Hi mhiggins. The quote they give you in store is just an estimate and doesn't include taxes or fees. You could also potentially be seeing leased devices showing at full price if a promotion was not applied correctly or if a promotion has not yet kicked in on your bill (sometimes this can take up to 2 billing cycles). We'd be glad to take a closer look at things and figure out what is going on. I will shoot you a PM so I can get a bit more info in order to check in on things. 


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