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Unable to close my account


Unable to close my account



I closed my spring account and switched to another provider in February 2018. Problem is, there was a second line tied to my account that I did not know about (and have never used) which accidentally remained open.


I realized in April 2018 that I was getting billed for this second unused line. I paid off any remaining balance and asked to close the account.


in June I noticed that the account had been re-opened without my consent (including a $30 reactivation fee) and that I was still getting billed for this account. I called again, had the recent charges reversed, and closed the account. Or so I thought.


I just received a sprint bill for June / July. I am still being charged for this account and when I look online, it is still open. How can I actually close the account and end my relationship with sprint, short of calling each month to dispute my bill? I have now made 3 requests over 4 months and the line is it is still open.


I wish to close my account and request to receive written confirmation that the account has actually been closed. 


Most recent call id: 1422291779, I also have transcripts of prior chats on this subject.






Re: Unable to close my account

It sounds like you've had a tough time, but no worries, I'm here now to get this taken care of for you. Let's hop over to private message so I can get some account info.

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Don't worry, be happy!
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