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Unannounced international call price changes


Unannounced international call price changes

Dear Sprint,


In February I transferred my three numbers to you and enabled International Calls. I verified that Standard International Calls to European countries I usually call are $0.00/min. You can see in my bills from Feb 25 to Apr 25 a range of calls which were correctly billed at $0.00/min.


Today I casually checked my bill from May 25 to Jun 24 and noticed that the same calls are now being charged at a rate of $2.46/min


I was not aware of any price change. Frankly, I don't see it feasible to check your price list anytime I want to make a call just in case the prices may have been modified.


As my recent calls were made in good faith in expectation your prices don't change without me being notified and hope you value our business relationship, I'd like to ask you for credit for any affected calls made until now.


Can you please help me?


Thank you,

Sprint Social Care

Hi! That's strange. Which of the European Countries you received the charges for? I'm not aware of any changes in our international rates once International Calls are enabled on your line. We'll figure it out. 


Hello, thank you for getting back! The charges are for calls to Czech Republic. Would sending my phone number or some other details help?


Yes, That would be great, Thanks. Please send the phone number and account's name in a private message. 


For reference, I'm attaching screenshot of Sprint's international calls price list from April 2 which shows that Standard International calls (without any package) were $0.00. The price was changed to $2.46 without any notification.



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