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Worst Customer Service Ever


Worst Customer Service Ever

This person Jerwin M from sprint online support team he is an ass . I chat with him today and he ate 2 hrs of my time

After one and half hours of conversation

Jerwin M. : I know your time is valuable and thanks for waiting.

Jerwin M. : After further review. I found out that the reason why the device purchase price and owning this device got forfeited due to the line being on seasonal standby.

Jerwin M. : The offer includes staying active requires an active line of service with a Sprint price plan.

Jerwin M. : ?Seasonal Standby is not considered an active plan.

You : what is this seasonal standby

Jerwin M. : You must keep your bill current and avoid suspended service for non-payment or this offer will be void.

You : I didn't understand what are talking about

You : all the numbers in my family are in unlimited basic

You : plan

Jerwin M. : To make it short the, offer has been voided.

You : You need some training man how to deal with customers its been hour and half and you are saying something after every 15min

You : you are just waste of time I will take this to your management

You : just end this chat

You : I dont see an option to end this

You : can you end this chat at least

Jerwin M. : I really wanted to help you out getting this concern done. Let me check what I can do about this.

Jerwin M. : Thanks for waiting.

Jerwin M. : I know your time is valuable and I'm sorry if I'm, taking too much of your time.

Jerwin M. : I apologize if I overlooked your account but after checking further, I can confirm that the offer was accepted for this specific line.

You : whats now

Jerwin M. : I can confirm that this offer will take effect with in 1-2 billing cycle as you are still eligible for this offer. Once the device purchase price was covered by the offer as this takes effect with in 1-2 billing cycle, your phone will get unlocked.

You : So I need to stick with this network for another 1-2 months

Jerwin M. : We'll send you a confirmation text message when this is complete.

Jerwin M. : A note has been added to your account to capture the details of our conversation for other individuals to reference when they access your account.

You : I already got a message last month saying "congrats you own your device"

You : dont worry thanks for your time can you please end this chat

Jerwin M. : Before we close out the chat today, are there any other billing, equipment, or coverage issues that I can take care of for you today?

if some one want to look into this issue here is the chat ID-742352996483943722


Sprint Social Care

Re: Worst Customer Service Ever

Hi urssiddhu ! The least we want is a dissatisfied customer. I want to do what I can to help you out. As I was reading, you're looking to have a phone unlocked, is this correct? If yes, I could help you out with that. 

Please keep in mind that in order for a device to be unlocked, there are certain requirements that needs to meet, among the most important are:

That the device is unlock capable.

That it is fully paid, meaning that it cannot have any pending contract nor balance.

Never has been reported lost or stolen.

The account last associated with the device must be current. To get information about other requirements, please visit:  If your equipment meets the requirements, we can proceed with your request. Just send us a Private Message, so that I can proceed. 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Worst Customer Service Ever

Everything is paid full for the phone and I and trying to unlock the phone . Go to the chat ID and look for complete conversation. I dont need any more help from sprint help your self giving training to your support team 

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