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how to escalate to Sprint Corporate?


how to escalate to Sprint Corporate?

Any information on how to escalate the following complaint?

I have been a customer since 2012. I leased a phone from Sprint with all intentions to purchase the device at the end of my lease. A month after my lease ended I went into a Sprint store to make a buyout payment and was told I need to call the Finance Department. I called the Finance Department and the representative told me that I can make a payment of $230 which was supposedly the Fair Market Value of the phone (original buyout price was $199). I paid and was told that a credit of $230 will show on my account and that I will be billed for the phone in the next cycle. I was explicitly told I own the phone, To my surprise I was then send a return package to return the phone and called on a Sunday by their device collection agency, both of these occasions I informed them that I purchased the phone and the Sprint representative that I spoke with regarding receipt of the return package told me disregard the package and that I do own the phone. When I saw the next billing cycle arrived and still no phone I went into the Sprint store only to have the clerk tell me that I cannot buy the phone do to a state law that Sprint sent no reminders about or anything. Their misleading emails made it seem as if I can pay the $199 in 6 installments outside of the 18 month period so I was given the impression that I have time. So now I as the customer am supposed to return a phone that I was told I owned and lose $400+ that I paid towards it. That is not an option for me nor am I entering into another lease with Sprint. I called several times over the last month and was given conflicting statements. A complaint was submitted on the representative IRT#80089679 who took my payment for the phone. Sprint's customer service is abhorrent .If this is not resolved I will cancel service within the next month. RESOLUTION SOUGHT: I want to be able to purchase my phone as I was told I can and agreed to, or have Sprint provide me refund for the $400+ that I paid for the phone over the course of 18 months.

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Re: how to escalate to Sprint Corporate?

Hello bempongl. You have reached a corporate agent. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such trouble, and will be more than happy to assist in anyway I can. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 








Just a bit of back history on leases. At the end of the 18 month customers have the ability to upgrade at that time, unless that have either an iPhone or Samsung forever option. In that case customers can normally upgrade every 12 months. 


Second option is purchase. If a customer has a flex lease they have the option during the 17th month to have the last 6 payments (19-24) go towards the pay off of the phone. Now if it's past the 18th month then, in most States, customers can purchased the device at Fair Market Value (FMV). Now there are a few select States that have restrictions on purchasing this type of equipment after the 18th month. 


Final option is the default option. This is the month 2 month payment. These payments don't go toward the purchase of the device. No many customer choose this option. The only few I've seen where because they were waiting for the device they were wanting to become available. 


For further details please see page one of your lease contract


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Re: how to escalate to Sprint Corporate?

What was stated is above is already known and I understand that information is for others viewing the post.

I will be waiting for a resolution.

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Re: how to escalate to Sprint Corporate?

Your concerns have been forwarded to Sprint Executive & Regulatory Services.  A member of our staff will be reviewing your post and will have an analyst reach out to you on the phone number ending 3073.

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