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my bill WAS ALWAYS $68.05


my bill WAS ALWAYS $68.05

So I have never posted on a phone company forum ever and I literally just made an account just for this. So I joined Sprint in July solely for the reason they were giving me a cheaper plan and phone than AT&T was. So I switched from AT&T to Sprint and they told me, absolutely everything (Unlimited Basic Plan with auto-pay and New Phone which is the iPhone XR) will come out to $68.05 including tax. I was astonished, I asked multiple times, " so each month I'm only going to be paying $68.05 including tax?" he said "yes", multiple times. So fast forward 1 month. I log on the sprint website to pay my bill and see my bill is now $80 and I was so confused. I already paid $68.05 and they told me my bill will always be $68.05 so why the sudden increase? I assumed it was a mistake and it was. I called Sprint Customer Service and they fixed it y problem and paid only $65 this time because she gave me a small discount for the problem and the error and was sorry on Sprints behalf and I was grateful for that help. So then next months bill comes and it turns out to $80 again, But this time, that was on me, because of the late fee and  I read in the documents that the late fee can be up to $20 so that was on me so I paid that. Now a month later, I go to pay my bill, expecting it to be $68.05 and nope, Now its $83, WHAT THE HELL. I first messaged the Customer Online Chat Support thinking they an help me and just fix this quick problem again and this time they had the audacity to tell me that my bill is normally $80 and that i have paid that before which i have, BUT ONLY once before of the LATE FEE but before that my bill WAS ALWAYS $68.05, So I called Customer Service and the same ordeal! They insisted again it's $80. $68.05 is literally on my banks transactions and on the Sprints website transaction but yet they insist that my bill is $80 when I know for a fact that my bill HAS ALWAYS BEEN $68.05. I literally have all the paperwork that says, my bill is $68.05, yet even after I talked to such an incompetent supervisor they still insisted again that my bill is $80!! Like what the hell Sprint! Again,  I told them I KNOW HOW MUCH I HAVE BEEN PAYING! The whole reason I switched to Sprint was because they were giving me a cheaper offer than AT&T was! But they still insisted like if I was stupid. So I'm going back to the store where I got the phone to see if they can fix the problem and if they can't fix it, I'm just waiting until next week to cancel my service and return the phone so I can switch to an other phone company that actually helps there customers and not act like there customers are stupid!


Re: my bill WAS ALWAYS $68.05

Thank you for coming to Community to share your experience. Although it hasn't been a great one, we're still happy to hear from you. I would like to review your account and see if I can get to the root of the price change for you. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information. 





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