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over charged


over charged

Extremely frustrated..... looking for any suggestions I have been with sprint 17 years we've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day I've never been late on a payment never been disrespectful never I'm loyal!  17 years is a long time and I sure don't feel like we get treated like it at all. every time we upgrade a new phone or just a year ago we added a line for my son and I got an upgrade now since I've been with Sprint for so long I I have come to find out that you can escalate a call and hear the recording that you need to get the person that you're speaking to their name and ID number and make sure you get transcript of the conversation the ins and outs,  I know some of them but I do know that the calls are recorded and I do request a transcript. So anytime before I greet to another two years I'm in agreement I make sure to be very specific very clear very detail-oriented with the person I'm speaking with so you know exactly what's going to go on what where I'm going to be charged and what is going to happen and I did it to a t the last time this is past time and I'm still getting screwed. I would never sign an agreement for another two-year I'm so frustrated I don't know who am I supposed to talk to that can help me if I ask for a supervisor I get an attitude or I get a supervisor that don't care or I'm on the phone for hours or I get hung up on I'm at my wit's end.. So the last 8months my bill goes up and down between 50 to $60 whenever it feels like it will just randomly and so every month I have to call and every month I have to sit on the phone for hours and every month I have to explain to everybody what's going on and every month I have to it is ridiculous so then I started to do the online chat and that's even worse any suggestions

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Re: over charged

Hi there beabea2673 ! It's important that your bill is 100% accurate every month and I'd love to work with you to ensure that happens. Have you recently made any changes? Do you usually check your bill to verify the charges? 

Sprint Social Care
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