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"Free" Tablet scam and more


"Free" Tablet scam and more

In March 2019, my mother and I went to a Sprint store simply to get a new SIM card for my new iPhone that I had bought directly from the Apple store. While we were there, the store associate asked us if we wanted a free tablet that we earned for being a Sprint customer for so long. He said that the tablet itself was free and that it would only cost us $5 a month for 24 months for cellular service and then we could cancel the line and keep the iPad. At first my mom and I didn't believe it, we were suspicious, but we realized we would be saving money on the actual cost of an iPad if we took part in this "promotion." So, excitedly, we agreed. We went home with an iPad 6th gen, which is not necessarily something we needed, but I figured I could use it. We found out a month or two later that we were being charged $30 a month for the unlimited tablet plan and about $5 a month for the actual iPad itself (which was supposed to be a discount). The employee who sold us the tablet outright lied to us even though we literally asked multiple times, "are you SURE it's only $5 a month for 24 months?" We were scammed. And because we signed a contract, we've been paying for this iPad with unlimited service despite not actually needing said service (we only use wifi). Literally we never needed the iPad to begin with, but we couldn't get out of it no matter how many store associates or customer service phone reps we've talked to about the scam over the past year. The funny thing is, recently, we talked to a customer service rep on the phone and they said what they could do for us was reduce what we're paying for the iPad to the $15 unlimited tablet plan. So we thought, oh great we can save $15 a month at least. Come to find out that once you switch to the the $15 plan, the tablet equipment price goes up to almost $20 a month. You do the math. It comes out to be the exact same price as when we were on the $30 unlimited + $5 a month iPad. So the employee on the phone did NOT tell us that the iPad equipment price would go up and made the whole thing out to be a favor he was doing for us. So yeah, scammed again. Sprint will not help you when their associates scam you. Don't believe anything store associate or phone reps tell you- read the contracts you're signing yourself. 


Now, another scam Sprint does all the time- they add Sprint complete to your account without consent. Remember how I said I went to the store literally to BUY A SIM CARD so I could activate my new phone that I bought straight from APPLE? Yeah, the store associate decided to add Sprint complete to my phone while I was there to get a sim card (not a new line, literally Sprint had nothing to do with me buying a new phone). So in the following months, we were charged for Sprint complete that literally NOBODY had asked for. This didn't just happen once. It's happened multiple times. My dad got a new phone recently, it was a new line on the account. They automatically added Sprint complete to his line. Did Sprint ask us? No. Luckily, I caught it on the bill fast enough to get them to refund us for it this time.


Sprint does not care about you. They want your money. The store associates earn commissions and they WILL lie to you. Will Sprint do anything about this now that I've posted here? Probably not. But I thought I'd try.

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Hi there! I assure you that we do try to provide the best customer service to our valued customers, this definitely wasn't our intention. Allow me the chance to take a look at your account. 

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