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rediculous service and bill

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rediculous service and bill

i started this plan for my brother in jan. and started my plan in feb. when i first signed up they promised me i would be able to pay my own bill and he can pay his own separate bill. my bill at first was 140 with the everything unlimted plan for 99$ how the hell did it get to 140 all of the sudden. my brother was around 125. with the everything 450 plan for 69.99. this month i paid my half the bill and he didnt so now my phones shut off because of him not paying his whe they swore 6 times it would be a separate bill completely! now i switched to everything 450 for the 69.99 she told me total with taxes will be 91$ a month and he still owes the 144 for his half plus the 99$ for this months bill.  how the f**k is my bill now 420??? im not paying 420 for no reason when MY bill should be 91$ and his should be about 243. not only is he ruining my good credit but its not my fault they told me it would be two entirely separate bills and his wouldnt affect mine. sprint all of your service reps lied to me and half of them dont speak english. if youre going to hire people, make sure you hire ones who know the f**king alphabet and can spell my name right ..."you said F. F. as  in fire, fire..right?" yes f. f. as in fire fire not "s. s. as in sprint sucks." fix my name on my account like ive asked numorous times and each person f**ked it up and fix my bill because theres no f**king way out of a 99$ and a 91$ bill i should be at 420$, and quit telling me im on my own bill when im clearly not because my phones off yet i paid my half the week before it was due.


Re: rediculous service and bill


I can relate to the frustrations you've encountered. Sorry about the miscommunication. 

When there are multiple lines of service (aka telephone numbers) on one account, the bill is not split where you will have your bill and the other users will have their own bill. Each account receives one invoice, where the charges are itemized to show which telephone number owes what.

If you are not happy with this billing system, you have the option for a Change of Ownership. Once your balance is made current, you can explore the option of moving your brother to a different account thru Change of Ownership. Visit for more info.

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: rediculous service and bill

first of all ruth not to be rude but im in sales i know the whole " i can totally relate i know how you feel"  bullcrap because i solicit door to door and thats one of our sales tatics and i dont believe it out of anyones mouth. regardless sprint was paid 2 months of service and now im being charged for jan and feb that we already paid for, plus march. im not re paying for 2 months i already paid for. thats bulls**t and you know it. and miscommunication? i know what i asked and i know what they said i speak full english and hear perfectly fine. you can tell me every rep i talked to just happened to tell me the same thing that we would have totally separate bills even if were on the same account. i didnt want to start a contract with sprint until that fact was verified and each 6 reps told me the sammmme thing. it WOULD be a totally separate bill. there is no hearing that wrong. you guys will say anything to get a contract going and screw over people. i, as a sales person shouldve known better and stuck with metropcs for 50$ a month unlimited.


Re: rediculous service and bill


Thanks for reaching out, and expressing your frustrations. I will like to be able to take a look at your bill to figure out what is going on, and how the charges are getting so high. Please private message me with your original post and your account info so I may take a look.

With the split billing, there is not a way to have the bill split as you are asking. On the bill we show what each phone uses with the costs before taxes. I would be able to set up two bills going out to the both of you, so you may separate the bills accordingly.



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