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5.0 BlackBerry Tour 9630 Software Updates


5.0 BlackBerry Tour 9630 Software Updates

Effective 2/15, BIS customers can access the handheld software version for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Smartphone via the Desktop Manager software.

Effective 2/16, end of day, customers who do not have access to the desktop manager software will be able to access the update OTA. Downloads are available via

Effective 2/22: Software downloads will be available to retrieve from the Sprint download website.

Customers who have a corporate BlackBerry should check with company IT support for the best method of device upgrades.

BlackBerry Messenger Service NOTE: Downloading 5.0 BlackBerry 9630 handheld software may require you to reinstall the BlackBerry Messenger Service once the download is complete. Instructions on how to back-up and restore content are outlined below in this post.

  • Handsets currently on BlackBerry Messenger version 4.7 or below will not be affected
  • Handsets currently on BlackBerry Messenger version 5.0 are affected

5.0 includes the following device enhancements:

  • Fixes battery drain from third-party application
  • Adds threaded SMS text messaging
  • Faster BlackBerry map rendering and improved search
  • Browser improvement with added support for Javascript v.16
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) improvements: flag email for follow-up, improved email folder management, view attachments in meeting makers, forward calendar appointements, access to Windows Shares on intranet
  • BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) improvements: improved email set-up

Over the Air (OTA):

  • Check to see if this update is available for your device Over the Air by clicking:  Options/Advanced Options/Wireless Update (then follow directions on your device).
  • Timeframe: Upgrading your device software over the air may take two or more hours to complete.

PC Download:

  • For additional support and download instructions, visit the Support website.


Checking the BlackBerry Messenger Version

1.   Click the “Options” Icon

2.   Click on “Advanced Options

3.   Click on “Applications

4.   Look at the BlackBerry Messenger line to determine the software version

a.    If the version is 4.7 or below, the upgrade to handheld software version 5.0 will not be affected

b.   If the version is 5.0, the upgrade to handheld software version 5.0 is affected and the steps below need to be followed.

How to Back Up and Restore Contact List with BlackBerry Messenger 5.0


1.   In the BlackBerry Messenger application, press the menu key, and click Options.

2.   Scroll down to the Contact List section, select Back Up. This will display 2 options

a."Back up files remotely" will back up wirelessly (This will require a registered email address)

b."Back up files locally" will back up locally to device memory or a media card

3.   Choose one of the two options.


1.   In the BlackBerry Messenger application, press the menu key, and click Options

2.   In the Contact List section, select Restore

a.    "Restore using email" will restore the contact list via the registered email address chosen in the backup stage

b.   "Restore using a backup file from the device" will restore the contact list via the backup saved locally in the device memory or on a media card.

3.   Choose the option that was utilized to back up the data.

Re-Installing the BlackBerry Messenger

1.   Go to in their BlackBerry Browser

2.   Click the link on “BlackBerry Messenger

3.   Click “Download Now” and follow the prompts to re-install the BlackBerry Messenger

a.    If the steps were followed above with backing up the contacts, they will be retrieved once the BlackBerry Messenger is installed.

Note: For more information on BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, please reference the User Guide.

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Re: 5.0 BlackBerry Tour OTA Software Update

I performed the upgrade via my desktop manager LAST WEEK, when prompted to do so by the desktop manager.  I could not get any support from Sprint field offices when I reported the upgrade.  I was informed that there was no upgrade and that Spring ONLY supported version 4.7.   My problem now is I cannot get my phone to be recognized as being connected via the USB port to the desktop manager.  Will there be an upgrade for the DM or is there something else I need to do?  My version of DM is 5.0.1...  Thanks..


Re: 5.0 BlackBerry Tour OTA Software Update

i had that problem. when you are connected to the desktop manager at the bottom where it said pin does it say none? if so you need to call c/s and have the reset it.


Re: 5.0 BlackBerry Tour 9630 Software Updates

just bought a tour 9630. os is 4.7xx  tried to update to 5.0 using phone and desktop manager but both say 4.7 is latest version avail.. any suggestions


Re: 5.0 BlackBerry Tour 9630 Software Updates

I took my phone to Sprint store and tried to upgrade to 5.0 version bu they will not upgrade BB new version is having software problems and sprint is not allowing and updates to be done. Does anyone have any new info on this?


Re: 5.0 BlackBerry Tour 9630 Software Updates

I attempte to load updates via BB Desk Top manager and it erased files , backed them up to my laptop BUT then would not initialize the phone. So I had a useless  phone with deleted software and no way to restore it After trying fixes thru BB I had to call Sprint (which took at a payphone, 1.5 hrs with the dropped calls, poor connection,  etc) to have another phone shipped to me. This is a hassle I don't need and am now afraid to ever update my new phone thru the BB Desk manager

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