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8130 VS. HS820-Motorola earpiece....


8130 VS. HS820-Motorola earpiece....

I have a Blackberry 8130 smart phone and I purchased a Motorola HS820 Bluetooth earpiece to pair with it. The issue I am now having is when both devices go into a standby mode (independent of each other, of course); the phone disables my Bluetooth connection. Then when I try to use my earpiece, its connection isn't present and can not function....I've tried all variations of locking/unlocking, powering up/down, and editing option/preferences with both devices and nothing corrects the issue. I believe that when the earpiece goes into a standby mode, the phone takes that as a loss of connection and in turn goes into standby mode disabling the Bluetooth option...I need to be able to holster my phone and still be able to answer a call at anytime, via my earpiece, disregarding any battery saving features...(I carry multiple chargers).....Can you give me any advice on how to reach my goal ?...Would you suggest a different model earpiece that would be better suited for my phone and needs...

Thank you ahead of time for any help you can provide me, David

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