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8330 Keeps freezing


8330 Keeps freezing

Ok so about a month ago sprint sent me to a repair center for this problem. the tech said  their was nothing wrong with the phone but he cleaned the battery terminals. Now it is  still doing the same thing it randomly shutts off and the light will trun solid Red . Anyone have a permanent solution for this .

PS : I have insurance yet all the repair center will do  is  clean my battery terminals


Re: 8330 Keeps freezing

do you know to reboot your curve at least weekly if you get emails and txt msgs especially. there are also free memory cleaning apps that are now free to use to keep your phone cleaned and optimizes it really helped mine out as i had the same problem they just get bogged down after awhile just like a pc. obw i also removed all the languages on it except the one i use it frees up an speeds it up a ton.


Re: 8330 Keeps freezing

before i got my 8330 i asked alot of people about their bb on different network they all say u sould do a reboot everyday 4 @ less 30 sec take out ur batter or u can get what they call a white out . see not all ur apps close all the way that can freeze ur phone.

u can clean up ur phone 2 but i tryied all those free 1 the 1 that comes in ur phone works the best Their r 2 1 for net and 1 phone the phone how u find those are:

net- open up ur browers push the menu key then go 2 options then cache operations then clear of those out then push the return key that will finish the cleaning.

the phone- open up options go 2 security options then 2 memory cleaning then push the menu key then clean now if u want 2 see what it clean before u do it just enabled it 1 st

so give these a try

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