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8330 MMS Fix


8330 MMS Fix

I find it interesting that all of a sudden after Sprint comes out with halfway MMS for the Curve there comes another Curve 8330M that has FULL TRUE MMS. I for one will be taking this up with RETENTIONS in a few minutes as I recommend everyone else that is hacked off by this should do.

I am locked into my phone for pushing 2 years and didn't get what I paid for. I have heard all the BS I want to hear on this MMS issue.

BOTTOM LINE Sprint NEEDS to EXCHANGE OR UPGRADE WITH NO PENALTY ANY AND ALL 8330 owners that ask to be upgraded to the 8330M so that we may have the FULLY FUNCTIONING 8330 that we expected when WE PAID SPRINT OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!

We should be in the very least entitled to all REBATES and PROMOTIONS to get the 8330M. They should really offer the exchange at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!!

This is another BS slap in the face to LOYAL customers!!

I believe this was planned when the HALF**S MMS service "upgrade" was done. I Believe we got the upgrade so the 8330M phone could support TRUE MMS.



I halfway agree, but disagree with your solution.

There is no reason that all sprint phones, every model, not just blackberries, can't support true MMS.

Before you try to switch phones, keep in mind that it is not true mms that you are getting, it's still pic mail, but it has direct delivery. It still has all the same file format problems, all the same delays, and everything still ends up on an unreliable highly hackable website.

I hate that I don't have direct delivery, but I am unwilling to sacrifice my ability to use GPS outside of telnav in order to get it. No more google maps, or any other GPS enabled program you might be using now, including third party picture apps that do geo tagging, and flicker apps, friend finders, etc that touch your gps, because Sprint has seen fit for no apparent reason to lock it down on the new version.

You will be trading one complaint for another, and have to do alot of work to get there. Not worth it to me. But if you don't use your GPS for anything except sprint navigation, go ahead. I use the hell out of my gps for almost everything you can use a gps for, so I won't be changing my model.

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