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8330 blackberry curve


8330 blackberry curve

so i talk to sprint today b/c we and my fiance both have the 8330 and we are having issues with the trackball getting stuck and no longer wanting to move we got our phones back in december and its now march. Besides the trackball the letters are sticking and the phone freezes. Sprint said i would have to visit a sprint store to get the issue resolved but we only have one car and 3 kids and when my fiance gets home i leave for work and by the time i get home the sprint store is closed. this is my first time having sprint but when i had verizon i had the 1st choclate that came out and it had some issues and when it did they would send me a lender phone in the mail, i would send them my phone, then they would send me my phone back and i would send the lender phone back. I don't understand why sprint can't do something like this, not everyone has the option of making it into a store, there should be more options available for repair or replacement. They made me go through the insurance for the phones and said they would credit me for the deductable for the phones. So now I have to wait till the deductable gets applied to my bill contact sprint again and tell them to credit my account the $200 for the decuctable. This seems like more of a hassle than it has to be. If it's obviously a defect in the phone and not something we have caused so I don't get why sprint couldnt just take care of it themselves. I am an agent at an indirect agent store and when I came onto the team i was unaware of the issue with the 8330's and they hardly ever got returned but it seems to be that the issue starts after the 30 day return policy with sprint. I was hoping that since the 8330's were discontinued b/c of all the problems they have esp sine the problems i'm having with it is the reason it was discontinued i would get the newer model but that was not the case. They are sending us the same phone as we already have hopefully this wont be an issue but i have a feeling it will if i have to contact them again about this issue i will be demanding the newer model.

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