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8350i BB for Nextel- Texting problems


8350i BB for Nextel- Texting problems

I have the BB 8350i for Nextel- my texts are really delayed and half the time it doesn't let me send texts! I have the latest update for there anything I can do to fix this problem?


Re: 8350i BB for Nextel- Texting problems

I also have the 8350i, almost a year now. I had a lot of texting an email problems in the beginning. Make sure you have all the latest updates (thru BlackBerry Desktop Manager). Once you know you have that, then turn off the phone, pull the battery, reinsert the battery... I do this every Sunday to make sure I get all my texts and emails. The reason you are having this problem is because it's on the Nextel network and not the Sprint network.

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